Hard Candy

Hard candies provide us with a delightful candy-eating experience.

Ryan Morand, the brand manager at Jolly Rancher, say that: “Because of its long-lasting flavors, consumers often look to hard candy to add excitement during an otherwise dull or mindless activity like driving or gaming,”

The demand of the hard candy is increasing day-by-day. Hard candy sales had been observed to have gone up to being more than $600 million in USA Multi-Outlet Retailers and Convenience Stores in 2014 according to a Chicago based research firms. Which evidently says that consumers keep on adding them to their diets.

Hard candies are swimming in the pond with some pretty strong competitors such as, gummies, chocolates and gums. A lot of health officials and media has demonized the card candy and have tried to make the consumers to believe that the candies have certain health hazards too.

Since then, the Primrose Candy have become more cautious towards their health standards and have started taking measures to incorporate healthier aspects to their candies. They are driven by health-conscious customers and they are focused on creating natural, organic products with healthful benefits such as Gluten-Free and GMO-Free and using fewer additives and artificial ingredients.

Their reinvention of nostalgic memories is one of their most amazing incorporations.

Manufacturing hard candy is pretty much about figuring out as to what is special about our product and finding a way to communicate to your customers and getting their feedbacks. As the manufacturers we need to ensure that the product’s message and taste profile are made according to the customers.

“If you can deliver a unique innovation, that’s how you stand the test of time,” says Anthony Trani, the VP of Marketing, Bazooka.

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