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Japanese Candy: All Kinds and Forms

Japanese candy has been posing a threat to the American candy in a lot of regards. The Japanese candy comes in a lot of exciting and unusual flavors like musk melon, kabosha pumpkin, soy sauce, etc. not just the flavors, but the packaging is very cute and exotic too with colorful graphics, playful shapes and colors, animated figures, etc.

When it come stop taste, the Japanese candy is more delicious. Orange flavor is tangy, lemon is mouth-puckering, caramel is very creamy and so is the chocolate. And when it comes to the things that japan can produce wrapped in chocolate and shaped as stick, nobody can beat them. Yes, Japan stocks the widest variety of Kit-Kats.

Japanese gummies come in more flavors than their US counterparts and they despite being intense do not stick to the teeth at all. The most popular Japanese gummy flavors are ume plum, shine peach, grape, cola, Muscat, assorted fruits, soybean, ketchup, etc.

Japan has been excelling when it comes to combining starch and sugar. Pocky is one of their all-time favorite candy and it is also famous all around the world not just in Japan. Japanese milk candies also have an attraction to the consumers, they are tongue-coating with sweet creamy texture and taste like vanilla flavored ice-cream most of the times. A lot of other ramune, matcha, red beans, octopus, curry, sakura, choco-mint, lemon, potato chips, etc. Most of these treats are very famous in Japan.

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