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Ring Pop: Evolution Over the Time

Ring Pops are a masterpiece in their own self. All of us have tried Ring Pop at least once in our lives and that too for a very good reason otherwise how often have you eaten your own jewelry. It is one of those precious novelty candies that we cannot have afford to miss out on and a candy that has always received positive reviews. But have you ever thought as to where did these gems originate from? What do you know about the history of these wearable eatables?

Lollipops have been on the market for a long time now, but Ring Pops were made in 1979 for the first time. So, Ring Pops are still fairly new creations made by a guy names Frank Richards, who made an attempt to get rid of his daughter’s thumb-sucking habits by coming up with these delicious sweet treats. Although Ring Pops may have been started out with good intentions, they have also developed a few cons over the years. Frequently, drug dealers will mix ecstasy into Ring Pops as a convenient and inconspicuous way to hide their trade. So, take a word from the wise and do not buy any Ring Pops off of the streets.

Despite that sour side, millions of people enjoy Ring Pops all around the world. Since its creation, tons of flavors have passed through the Ring Pop flavor palette. Even today you can fine Ring Pops in Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Lime, Grape, and Apple flavors. The fall flavors are an exception with Cherry Lemonade added to the mix. Ring Pops are also available in gummy forms now. The fans also requested for customized Ring Pops and the company granted the wish. Consumers can now choose their own flavors, color and packaging of their Ring Pop by going to the My Ring Pop website. Through the e-commerce website customers can create their own edible jewels and even the packaging they come in. With the popular flavors of Strawberry, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon, there’s something for everyone and every event.

Orders are sized in increments of 25 Ring Pops, all the way up to 500, so any sized party can be catered to. The website offers tips and tricks for getting the most out of the one-of-a-kind treats, as well as a strong social media presence to publicize customers’ Ring Pops.

Inspired by the brand’s signature Ring Pop, Giant Ring Pop is a larger than life, oversized pop with a bright red gem and gold plastic ring and makes for the perfect holiday gift. Giant Ring Pop weighs in at an incredible 700 grams – equivalent to a 3,500-carat diamond – and is now available at Walmart.

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