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Top 10 Christmas Trends for 2019

If you are looking for a fresh and new way to celebrate your Christmas this year then we have you covered. Christmas comes around every year and most of us have been fed up with celebrating it the same way over and over. Here are a few new and fun Christmas trends that have become popular amongst people these days.
a. Zero Waste Gift Wrapping:
A major share of overall waste production is produced during the holiday season. For those of you who are looking for more environment-friendly options, wrapping your gifts in old newspapers and cloths this year is a very trending option.
b. Festive Roast Veggies:
People are absolutely rooting the idea of healthy alternatives to the traditional holiday meals. Roasted veggies are a growing trend these days since it provides color and nutrition to the meals.
c. Summer BBQ Ideas:
BBQ is not just about cooking the main meal. You can incorporate your charcoal BBQ skills in your starters and desserts too if you are going for smoky S’mores.
d. Cocktail Jugs: Cocktails are a great way to kick off Christmas celebrations, but rather than running back and forth to constantly make more, blend a batch of your favorite recipes and serve in interesting jugs or decanters.
e. Creative Table Napkins:
The main thing trending this year is the attention to small details. Personalized table napkins are a very popular trend this time. People have been noticed to be coming up with some very creative and amazing table napkin ideas.
f. Holiday Card Display:
Sending and receiving Christmas Cards has been a long-standing tradition. But rarely have we seen people doing something to show the cards that they have received off or display. Holiday card displays have becoming a very popular thing and the searches for the trend have gone up by a major margin.
g. Christmas Tree Collars:
Searches for Christmas tree collars have risen by 381 per cent in recent months, with a lot of people choosing to o something new and creative with their conifers.
h. Fairy Lights:
No matter the occasion, fairy lights are evidently always a hit and add a touch of sparkle to any celebration.
i. Dark Berry Lips:
This one is for the women who want to add a touch of glamour to the big day, a swipe of berry lipstick is both chic, stylish and right on trend.
Christmas is a beginning of something new and the best way to do that is to find new ways to celebration and festivities. Merry Christmas!

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