Top 10 Gift Ideas for Christmas

You don’t have to spend all your year’s savings on Christmas gift if you know how to make some at home. This festive season try doing it yourself and put emotions into gifts and not the money. It is more thoughtful, emotional and lovely to make your Christmas gifts from scratch at home than buying them from the market and it saves you loads of money too. Here are a few Christmas Gift Ideas that you can use this year:
a. Melt and Pour Soap Making Kit:
This Melt and Pour Soap Making Kit enables you to make soaps in all kinds of Christmas shapes. It comes with a few essential fragrance oils too. Go ahead and try them.
Here is where you can buy:,, the soap kitchen.
b. Jewelry Making Kit:
Digging into making jewelry by hand? Here is what you need to do. This jewelry making kit is the best thing you can gift a do-it-yourselfer this Christmas.
Here is where you can buy:,
c. Snack Gift Baskets:
If you are looking for an original and delicious gift this year then these Christmas Gift baskets are just what you need to get. Give these gift baskets a go and save yourself the fuss of going shopping.
Where to Buy:,,
d. “Made with Love” Gift Bags:
You can hand-stamp these cute little fabric bags with captions like “Made with Love” and “Best Wishes”. They make for a great gift for your loved ones.
Where to Buy:,
e. Jar of Happiness:
You can come up with some crazy and fun wishes to give to your loved ones. The Jar of Happiness will have wishes form you to them for every time that they feel lowly or sad.
f. Chocolate Molds:
Everybody loves to receive chocolates and homemade treats are even more welcome. Use Lakeland’s molds to make sweets in the shape of squares, domes, triangles and hearts before packaging them up in a pretty bag and or box.
g. Pine Scented Candles:
These amazing scented candles do not just smell nice, but they are also very simple and fun to make. You can give them any color you want and any scent you want.
h. Snow Globe:
It is going to be a white Christmas this year whether it rains or not. These cute little snow globes are just what you need to get your loved ones for gifts this Christmas season.
i. Christmas Tree Drink Picks:
For cocktails that are extra festive, you need some drink picks that are super fancy too. These festive themed drink picks are amazing and inexpensive and make for a perfect gift for your hostess this year.
Christmas is a beginning of something new and the best way to do that is to find new ways to celebration and festivities. Merry Christmas!

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