What is the Most Popular Christmas Candy in Your State?

What candy come sup when you think of Christmas candy? Reindeer Corns? Skittles? Hershey Kisses? Candy Canes? Well, the good news is that every state in America has its own version of Christmas Candy. So, the place you live in reflects a lot as to which candy you will most associate yourself with.

For some people the Christmas Candy might be turkey Joints and for some it might be brazil Nut Sticks covered in Silver coating that is made in Rome, New York. When you move towards Saratoga Springs, New York the favorite candy becomes Peppermint Pigs. People who grew up in Massachusetts have a fondness to Sweet Ribbon Candy. In Ohio, it’s the Buckeyes that take the lead.

According to the National Confectioners Association (NCA), people of America spend around 2$2 billion on holiday candies. That is an average of $110 per person spent on candy and food during the holiday season as per National Retail Federation.

An online candy store surveyed its customers to find out as to which candy was the most popular in each of the 50 states of America. The results are surprising in some locales, where Starburst, Pez and Skittles beat out more traditional Hershey Kisses, peppermint bark and candy canes as the most popular.

It is also observed that Jolly Ranchers and Starburst are not considered to be holiday candy by a lot of people. Although, when Starburst came up with the “Merry Mix” version, it became very popular. People also get surprised when Reindeer Corns are selected as holiday candies, but they are very popular. Candy corn and all their variants sell very well during the holiday seasons.

So, what is the favorite candy in your state?

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