Candy Bars: The Origin

Candy bars have always been popular amongst the children as well as the adults. They have been an all-time favorite of people of all the ages. There is all kinds of candy bars available on the market to suit everyone’s sweet tooth. Chocolates care combined with all kind of condiments and ingredients such as cherries, raisins, dates, nuts, caramel, etc. While the candy combinations come and go, a few steady favorites remain bestsellers year after year.

The most popular and most-selling candy bar today is Snickers Bar. According to statistics the most popular candy bars include Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, KitKat, Butterfingers, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, M&M’s, Hershey’s, etc. Hershey’s holds the record for favorite on the list for a long time and so does Baby Ruth.

The candy bars began to sell in 1847. The first ever chocolate bar was made by Joseph Fry and his son who were the first ones to shape the chocolate into bars. In 1849, John Cadbury introduced his own confection brand for chocolate bars. Later, both the confection giants merged and became greater. The first ever chocolate milk bar was made by Henry Nestle and Daniel Peter and was of creamier and smoother texture.

Chocolate bars became popular during the World War I, when they were supplied to the soldiers for instant nutrition and energy. Though bars that were supplied to the soldiers weighed 20-40 pounds and used to be huge in size. The candy remained famous even after the war ended because the soldiers had grown fond of the candy bars.

Here is a timeline showing the evolution of one of our all-time favorite sweet treats:
• Milton Hershey made the first solid milk chocolate bar in 1900 by the name of Hershey’s.
• Goo Goo Clusters started selling in1913 as the first ever milk chocolate bar with marshmallows, caramel and peanuts.
• Milky Way bar first came up in 1923 and was made to taste like malted milk and was a more mobile candy.
• Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup was an idea put forward by an employee at Hershey’s dairy as his attempt to make his own candy.
• The most popular candy bar today is Snickers and it was made in1930 and it has been a bestseller ever since.
• In 1970, M&M’s and Mars bars were introduced the Snickers Munch Bar.
All these chocolate bars are very easy to find in stores and even in online stores. Even some of the hard to find candies such as Big Hunk, Bun Bars and Zagnut can be ordered from various online stores.

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