Gobstoppers: The Candy of the 80s

Have you ever come across a candy that backs up the naivety of young age more than the Gobstoppers? As kids we were all excited to accept the candy challenge that was put forward by the “Jawbreakers”. Nobody cared about the choking hazards or the cavities or any other harmful thing that could happen. After all these years, one might wonder that people would not allow their kids to try out or get fond of this amazing childhood favorite due to all the obnoxious reasons. But here are a few nostalgic facts about these amazing candies:
a. As claimed in the advertisements, Gobstoppers lasted forever. All the food and all the candies went down, but Gobstoppers were the candy you could savor for hours and there used to be competitions as to who would suck on it for the longest time.
b. They were the coolest candy there could ever be with different layers and every layer tasted different.
c. They used to be super cheap and affordable. You could find them at any penny candy store or ice cream mans.
The Everlasting Gobstoppers are Willy Wonka’s craziest candy inventions. The are hard candies in round shape. The term Gobstopper came from the word “gob” which is a slang for a big mouth in UK and Ireland. It was a favorite among the schoolboys during the great world wars. In his children’s book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” British author Roald Dahl described “Everlasting Gobstoppers”, a fictional type of gobstopper that could never get smaller or be finished.
Gobstoppers usually consist of several layers, each layer dissolving to reveal a differently colored layer, before dissolving completely. Gobstoppers are too hard to bite without risking dental.
Gobstoppers have been sold in traditional sweet shops for at least a century, often sold by weight from jars. As gobstoppers dissolve very slowly, they last a very long time in the mouth, which is a major factor in their enduring popularity with children. Larger ones can take days or even weeks to fully dissolve.

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