8 Piece Tubeless Tire Repair Kit – 1 Count Only


  • Tubeless repair kit can save your ride
  • Find the puncture
  • Rim & sand sides of puncture
  • Choose the appropriate strips
  • Fix the puncture
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The tubeless repair Kit can Save your ride in 5 easy steps. 1) Find the puncture 2) Rim and sand sides of puncture 3) Choose the appropriate strips and run it through the insertion fork 4) Insert the plug at a straight angle into the puncture. 5) Pull the plugger tool out slowly, which will leave the plug in the tire. 6) Shorten the excess plug from tire surface if needed. No matter what kind of bike you have: Gravel, Mountain, Road, Hybrid, E-bikes or Fat bikes, this tool works with your tubeless tire.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 1 in