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Eclipse Spearmint Gum: Stay refreshed with sugar-free spearmint – Pack of 8, 18 pieces each.(Variety Pack of 5)

  • Eclipse Spearmint
  • Pop Rocks Grape
  • Laffy Taffy Watermelon
  • Alamo Pickle Balls 
  • Rainbow Belts Halloween Candy & Gum Combo 
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Step into a world of flavor sensations with our curated candy and gum assortment. Eclipse Spearmint Gum promises a burst of sugar-free freshness that lingers. Let the Pop Rocks Grape take you on a nostalgic ride with its fizzy sensation. Laffy Taffy Watermelon Chews are a testament to a perfect blend of sweetness and chewiness that watermelon lovers will adore. The Alamo Sour Pickle Balls offer a quirky yet addictive tangy taste, and the Rainbow Belts promise to be a sour-filled treat that adds a splash of color to your snacking. This collection guarantees a delightful experience for every palate!

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Weight 81 oz