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Austin’s Toasted Sandwich—America’s favorite go-to snack: Austin’s toasted sandwich cracker cheddar cheese are one America’s most favorite snacks. They’re made with quality ingredients and are a favorite among adults and children alike. The crackers have a rich, crumbly, cheesy texture and dissolve on the tongue at the first bite.
Moreover, there is smooth, creamy, authentic cheese filling within the crackers that perfectly complements the texture of the crackers and gives allows people to experience a salty, yet savory snack. Austin crackers are manufactured within the USA and the peanut cheese filling is made from real and authentic ingredients which include cheese, whey, enriched flour, with just a hint of buttermilk, salt and some milk ingredients.
They can easily be stored in a pantry or just about anywhere for a long time since they won’t be prone to decay. Moreover, because they weigh only about a couple of ounces, they can be stored in a backpack, a lunchbox, or a tote-bag. People can also take it to their office, on long journeys as they’re a travel-friendly food. They also make a great snack for movies or any get-togethers.
Austin’s crackers also make an ideal snack. People can have it between meals, at tea or when they’re sitting with friends and family. Since they’re so light to consume, it’s impossible to eat too much and spoil any appetite—that’s why they make such a great appetizer! They’re packaged for freshness and are available in 6 packs. These crackers are pretty cheap and can last for a long time.
Austin’s crackers have all the makings of a great salty and savory snack and don’t need to be paired with anything. However, they go great with fruits, salads and soups. So order one of America’s favorite crackers and get munching today!

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Weight 5.5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3.5 × 2 in