Avieta Liege Belgium Waffles with Pearl Sugar 12 Count – 3.17 oz


  • Made and imported from Belgium also known as Liège waffle
  • Combines the finest ingredients, unique expertise and the passion of our teams
  • With 80 years of experience, Avieta leads the way in the production of premium Belgian waffles
  • With 80 years of experience, Avieta leads the way in the production of premium Belgian waffles
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Avieta Lieg: Belgium’s finest ready-made waffles: The lieg waffle is a popular food item and has been one for the past 200 years in this country. The waffles are made of a buttery and rich dough that’s covered with melted caramelized pearl sugars that offer just a smidge of sweetness. They’re crispy, light and melt into the mouth at the first bite. Baked in the heart of Belgium, a country known for its fine-quality ingredients, the waffle lives up to its name.
The lieg waffles are pre-baked—there is no mixing and mess that anyone has to deal with. They require just a bit of heat and are then ready to be served. These waffles can be served with chicken, ice-cream, maple syrup, fruits, dessert toppings and just about any type of food. They’re also a perfect meal for a family breakfast.
The Avieta lieg waffles is a box of 40 waffles. Each waffle is wrapped individually and can be heated at room temperature, in the microwave, or in the oven. They taste delicious even when eaten thawed. Most Avitea Lieg waffles shelf life can be found on the side of the box. However, they typically last for about 30 days.
The waffles are made of plenty of other ingredients which include vegetable fat, wheat flour, whole eggs, yeast, sugar, salt, wheat and soy, milk, and coconut oil. However, the one ingredient that stands out is the pearl sugar. It’s unique because it’s extracted from beet sugar and it’s made by compressing refined sugar. The best part is that pearl sugar is concentrated and very resistant to heat. As a result, the sugar pearls don’t melt completely and give the waffles the crunchy and sweet texture that makes it so popular.
It’s cheap, convenient and a great treat for the taste buds!

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