Baby ruth is available in peanut with caramel. These are king size bars and are available in 3.3 ounce packing. Each box contains 18 individually wrapped bars. Baby Ruth bars are bursting with peanuts, caramel, & chewy nougat. With 18 full sized, individually wrapped candy bars, this pack is perfect for party favors or sharing at home or in the office. These full size candy bars makes the perfect anytime treat. They’re easy to eat & easy to share. Break off a piece to share with a friend, or take one with you for a post lunch snack. Candy for Valentine’s Day may be the sweetest idea yet. When you make the sweet taste of chocolate part of your Valentine’s Day gift, it’s love at first, second and third bite. Makes a great Chinese New Year gift, too.

Additional information

Weight 66 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in