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Bulbs 30W – Energy Saving Light (Pack of 1) – 1 Count Only


  • Energy saving bulb
  • Get 120W light from 30W
  • Spiral light bulb is a great replacement for an energy hungry incandescent bulb.

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The energy-saving light bulb is available in a pack of 1. The good thing about this light bulb is that it will not only light up your world but also save a lot of energy while doing so. This light bulb has a trendy and spiral design. You can easily fit in any kind of lamp and it will adjust accordingly. Gone are the days when people used to deal with light bulbs that consume a lot of energy. Get your hands on this light bulb right now from the club price and light up your entire home. With minimum energy consumption, this energy-saving light bulb only consumes 30 watts. It is a bright white light in the room of your choice.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 cm


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Bulbs 30W – Energy Saving Light (Pack of 1) – 1 Count Only

Availability: 30 in stock