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Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup Can 10.75 oz


  • Campbell Chicken noodle soup
  • An easy, delicious meal
  • Crafted with seasoned chicken broth
  • Egg noodles and chicken
  • Without antibiotics

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We all crave chicken noodle soup, especially when we’re ill. Campbell’s chicken noodle soup can help you overcome your illness. It’s a great meal and contains fresh egg noodles, seasoned chicken broth, and tender chicken raised without antibiotics. It’s a sure way to warm up your insides and outsides. Just one sip, and you’ll be thinking of your warmest, fuzziest memories. It’s super popular with children and adults, so the next time your child falls ill, be sure to pull out this can and serve some to your children—they’ll be healed instantly. The chicken noodle soup is super easy to make—add in a bit of water to your noodles and you’ll be smelling something unique in no time. Order a bunch of this family favorite noodle soup today.



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Dimensions 2.8 × 4 cm


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Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup Can 10.75 oz

Availability: 30 in stock