Colgate Sparkling White Toothpaste 2.5 oz


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Colgate toothpaste sparkling white is the go-to toothpaste for so many people. It has a breakthrough formula that’s made with the finest ingredient to keep your teeth fresh and clean. This flavor of Colgate has a mint flavor to it, which gives you the minty fresh breath that you love. It’s great for fighting bacteria on the cheeks, gums, tongue, teeth and ensures no plaque build-up. Moreover, it also helps to eliminate tartar in the mouth, preventing you from repeatedly visiting the dentists. The unique formula in the paste also helps to fight gingivitis and cavities, and they can be very painful if they aren’t taken care of in the early stages–and that’s where Colgate helps. This particular tube of Colgate is 2.5 oz and can definitely last you a while.

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Weight 3 oz
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