Dominoes Double Six Game Standard Set Black – 1 Count Only


  • This premium set of 28 dominoes is composed of quality plastic and will provide you with hours of fun
  • Case dimensions: 1.875 x 2.625 x 7.625 inches
  • Great for Adults & Children of most ages!
  • Includes retail packaging & instructions + 2 Bonus Dice!


Dominoes set for adults includes dominoes 28 piece set classic black dotted ivory color dominoes with spin dot and brown wood case. Each 28 tile dominoes is numbered on a standard system, marked blank or with 1-6 recessed dots on both ends as is typical in a classic dominos tiles game. The Double six dominoes set features durable and sturdy tiles with indented and well-painted dots that won?t fade any time soon to provide you with long-term use. Every 28 tile dominoes dot has high-quality eco paint. Quality plastic construction. The ideal weight and balance of each of dominoes for adults ensures they are built for long-lasting fun! Deally fits tiles measuring 0.35 in x 1 x 2 inches [9 x 25.4 x 51 mm]. Each ivory 28 tile dominoes contains a metal spinner rivet in the center, adding a stylish vintage look and making them easier for players to turn and spin.

Additional information

Weight 19.6 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 1.5 in