El Azteca Chileta Lollipops Mango W/Chili – Bag 5.6 oz


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El Azteca chileta lollipops are available in mango W/Chili. These are available in 5.6 ounce bag. Mexican Candies are very different from other candies and their taste is something everyone will enjoy. In the Spanish language, Elotes means corn and thus there is no prize for guessing! These candies look like small corns, Sandias or Mangos with Chili. They are a spell binding combination of both sweetness and spiciness. The peppery flavor will first hit your tongue and then the sweetness will cut that spiciness. We bet, you will love Vero Elotes, Mangos or Sandias from the first bite itself and will definitely crave for more. They come in 40 individually wrapped pieces for your convenience. Therefore, start eating these candies if you want to try something new. hese Elote Paletas, are suitable for any happy occasions and can act as a mood up lifter.

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