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Elastic Tie-Down Bungee Cords – 1 Count Only


  • Built to last for the toughest tie down jobs
  • Perfect for any job that requires a reliable tie down
  • Working Load: 3548 lbs
  • Break Strength: 10643 lbs
  • Securing your motorcycle, ATV, UTV or accessories

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Elastic tie down cord is available in rubber. These are available in Super Strength, these are Resistant to heat, ozone and acids. Elastic tie down cord is deal for hot climates and sunlight exposure. Elastic tie down cord are for Heavy-Duty Flatbed Truck and Cargo Control, as well as securing closures on boats, pickup beds, and outdoor hot tubs. With these, secure cargo on local delivery trucks, or for outdoor garbage can lids to keep rodents and wildlife out of the bin. With crimped S-Hooks will keep the hooks secure at all times. Keep vulnerable body parts out of the potential rebound path and do not stretch the cord beyond 50% of its unstretched length. Secure the hooks carefully, do not anchor the hook by the tip!

Weight 5.6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 1 cm


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Elastic Tie-Down Bungee Cords – 1 Count Only

Availability: 30 in stock