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Gobstopper Original Everlasting 24 Count – 1.77 oz


  • Fruity candy that changes color and flavor as you eat
  • A new flavor and a new color in every bite!
  • Each flavor keeps you guessing until the end
  • Includes twenty four 1.77 ounce movie theater candy boxes

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Gobstopper original is available in 1.77 oz packing. Each box contains 24 each. A sweet and unique candy chameleon, GOBSTOPPER is the jawbreaker that changes color flavor by layer. GOBSTOPPER turns snacking on its head with a crumbly, slightly tart center and layers of flavor that keep eaters guessing What’s next. Delicious, vividly colored and waiting to be discovered, GOBSTOPPER unveils layers of happiness for those who like their candy everlasting. Gobstopper original are Jawbreakers that change color and flavor. These are everlasting candies. Gobstoppers are fun treat and are perfect sharing with friends and family. These candies have no artificial flavors.



Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 2.8 cm


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