Goya Coconut Wafers 4.94 oz


  • Coconut Wafers baked with real coconuts
  • Crunchy
  • 150 Calories
  • Less Suger
  • Rich Taste
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If you want to bring an authentic Latino touch to your kitchen, you might want to try Goya coconut wafers. The wafers are made with vanilla and have a smooth, creamy texture. They are layered with coconut cr?me that is truly divine. The wafer cookies are a delicious treat that you can enjoy as a snack and when you?re on the go. You can also have it with your sundaes or any type of dessert. Goya wafers are popular with children and adults because of their smooth and sweet texture and the fact that you can eat them with anything. In fact, you can also have them with popcorn or crisps to balance out the flavor. The wafers are available in a 4.3 oz. packet?order a whole bunch of them today.

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Weight 5.7 oz
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