Gurley’s 2/$1.00 Jelly Beans 12 Count – 2.5 oz


Buy Gurley’s 2/$1.00 Jelly Beans 12 Count & a Net Weight Of 2.5 oz Online at the Club Price.


Gurley’s 2/$1.00 Jelly Beans 12 Count – 2.5 oz

Grab a bag of your favorite Gurley’s 2/$1.00 Jelly Beans. Gurley’s 2/$1.00 Jelly Beans are a classic jelly bean mix with numerous fruity flavors in every colorful handful. These jelly beans are soft and chewy on the inside, with a subtle crunch on the outside. Every bean is packed with fruit flavor so good that nobody can eat just one & is enjoyed by both the young and elderly. Made with the best ingredients for the richest fruity flavors and the ideal chew, this customer favorite is sure to please. Give your taste buds a one-of-a-kind experience. Each pack of Gurley contains 12 candies with a net weight of 2.5 oz. These candies are one of the most straightforward ways to unwind after a long day. Gurley candies are great for snacking at home or work, and they’re always ready to go when the munching urge comes. Enjoy by yourself or with friends and family. They are perfect for filling candy bowls at work or birthday parties.

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Weight 32.5 oz