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Jack Link’s Beef Steak Original Jumbo 12 Count – 2 oz


  • Original Beef Steak starts with carefully selected lean cuts
  • 100% premium beef
  • Marinated in our signature blend of seasonings
  • Slow smoked over hardwood smoke.
  • 23g of protein per serving

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For a protein pick-me-up meaty treat, Jack Link presents its beef jerky with an original steak kick for all the spicy meat lovers! Jack Link’s Beef Steak Original is made from 100% lean, hand-selected, and aged USDA Choice Select beef that’s been slow-cooked in our blend of spices and flamed over coal for an extra kick to create this unique flavor profile. With only a 100 calorie and 12g of protein to boost your daily protein intake, the 2oz packing makes it an excellent fix for your lunch and snack fix. It tastes so good, you’ll want more! We recommend eating it as an occasional treat, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself sneaking a few more bites each day! It contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and no hydrogenated oils or trans fats!


Jack Link Beef Steak

Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 13 × 4 cm


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Jack Link’s Beef Steak Original Jumbo 12 Count – 2 oz

Availability: 10 in stock