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Kraft Velveeta Shell & Cheese Original 12 oz


  • Delicious and easy to make
  • Easy mac and cheese meal
  • Includes shell pasta and creamy cheese sauce
  • Made with real cheese
  • Classic family favorite for kids and adults

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Kraft shell and cheese dinner is one of the most convenient dinner options available. Children and adults both love them because of the unique cheesy taste they have to offer. It’s also super easy to make. The 7.25 ounce contains shell pasta and original cheese flavor sauce that are sure to hit the right spot. You also just need to add a bit of milk, butter to the mix and your dinner is ready! The best part is that it’s a very healthy snack as it doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives or flavors. It doesn’t have any artificial dyes either. It’s the perfect meal for when you’re coming home late and don’t have the time or energy to cook any dinner for anyone. Be sure to boil the pasta for a good 7-8 minutes to make sure it’s done according to your preference.



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Kraft Velveeta Shell & Cheese Original 12 oz

Availability: 10 in stock