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Laffy Taffy Rope Strawberry Chewy Candy 24 Count – 0.81 oz


  • Deliciously stretchy, LAFFY TAFFY is known for its authentic long lasting fruit flavors, chewy texture, and whimsical jokes on every wrapper.
  • LAFFY TAFFY Rope recreates the classic LAFFY TAFFY taste in a fun, munchable rope that delivers laughs from the first bite to the last.
  • Stretchy, bendy and seemingly never-ending, LAFFY TAFFY Rope treats taffy lovers to fruity-sweet happiness at home or on the go.

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LAFFY TAFFY ROPE STRAWBERRY 24/0.81oz is a delicious and sweet candy with stretchy, tangy flavors. A chewy stick of candy is perfect for eating anytime and anywhere. It is yummy in every bite for hours on end. This product contains no artificial flavors, so there’s no need to worry about any weird chemicals. It has just pure flavor with a delicious strawberry taste and Stretchiness. Additionally, it is a delightful chewy candy that gives you the energy and fun to be active. Amazingly it is a tasty treat for any occasion and adventure as well. With its chewable shape and bright pink color, this sweetbread will make your mouth water and bring a smile to your face.


Laffy Taffy Rope

Weight 22.1 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 2 cm


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Laffy Taffy Rope Strawberry Chewy Candy 24 Count – 0.81 oz

Availability: 30 in stock