Lemonhead Lemon Candy 8 Count – 3 oz


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If you?re an actual lemon head looking for the zest of sour, thank Ferrara Pan Candy Company for bringing you sour power since 1962. A classic, these individually packed, sunny goodness offer a rock-candy interior with a soft sugary coat. Lemonhead Lemon Candy is no child?s play and works the charm of a mood booster to keep the winks and yawn at bay. Made with real lemon juice, each drop candy is gluten-free and fat-free. Recharge your daily kick of Vitamin C in clean packaging that will keep your confection needs in check while keeping the ants away. The best part is that the one-flavor option will keep you from sweating in the aisle, trying to decide what to pick. Just grab a box and pop a sweet lemon-wedge worth of delight in your mouth.

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Weight 27.5 oz
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