Lucas Muecas Tamarindo Flavor Lollipop with Chili Powder 10 Count


  • Lucas Muecas Tamarindo Flavor Lollipop with Chili Powder
  • Each case comes with 10 Lucas gusanos
  • Once open, you can use the lid to close the candy and save for later.
  • A famous Mexican treat
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Tamarind flavoured lollipop with chilli powder is just what you need on a rainy day. The blend of these two flavours lets you taste its tanginess and relish its after taste. Its sweet spicy flavour will keep your cravings fulfilled and satisfied. It is highly adored amongst expecting mothers who feel nauseated and crave for something sweet and spicy. It allows them to feel satisfied and less irritated. So get one for your spouse and yourself today. The rich powdered lollipop will certainly excite you and your family. 

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Weight 13.3 oz
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