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Lucus Skwinklote Sandia Enchilada Flavor 6 Count


  • It is a unique candy idea for all watermelon lovers. The texture is chewing with tamarind flavor.
  • The shape of this candy is the form of a straw, and it is hot and sweet at the same time.
  • The texture is super chewy and delicious with a spicy and sweet combination. Children love eating it.

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Lucas Skwinklote may be one of the most popular candies in Mexico! Combining the enticing flavors with the most delectable tamarind pulp, creating a mouth-watering combination between creamy and hard Candy, sour and sweet! And like any traditional Mexican candy, Lucas Skwinklote is seasoned with the most delightful hot chili powder you can ever taste! Lucas Skwinkles come in the shape of delicious candy straws with enchilada flavor. These are filled with the most creamy and dense spicy enchilada pulp you have ever tried.


Lucus Skwinklote

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 2 cm


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Lucus Skwinklote Sandia Enchilada Flavor 6 Count

Availability: 30 in stock