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Mouse Glue Traps – Multiple Pack Each


  • A thick coat of professional-strength adhesive
  • Conveniently disposable, with no mess
  • Perforated tear-away edges
  • Economical and easy to set
  • Non toxic and family safe

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Mouse glue traps are available in multiple pack. Fold along lengthwise perforation and place against wall to maximize catch potential. If using in a dusty environment, fold to create a tunnel. Place along baseboards or on pipes where rodent activity has been observed. Avoid placing in corners. Check traps daily or when noise is heard. Leave the trap with the release paper in the rodent’s environment for a day or two before removing the release paper, this will allow the rodent to get acclimated. if you aren’t having success trapping in one area move the trap to a different location every few days.

Weight 2.7 oz
Dimensions 8 × 1 cm


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Mouse Glue Traps – Multiple Pack Each

Availability: 30 in stock