Nabisco Golden Oreo Original Cookies 12 Count – 2.4 oz


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If you’re in the mood to try something original, yet different, you might want to try Oreo Golden Sandwich cookies. They’re America’s favorite cookies and have been so for the past 100 years. The cookies have the typical Oreo print on the golden yellow biscuits and have delicious and classic Oreo white filling. Biting into these cookies is like reliving all your childhood memories in one go.
Feel free to dunk it in a glass of icy, cold milk—it’s the perfect treat for a hot summer’s day. You can share them with your friends and family or simply serve them at your next get-together. Their packaging makes it pretty convenient to place them in lunchboxes and bags. You can also have these biscuits for when you’re on-the-go or simply when you’re going for a road trip. In this box, you’ll get 12 Oreo cookie packs—each has a weight of 2.4 oz.

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Weight 37.4 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6.5 × 2.3 in