Now & Later 25c Chewy Watermelon Candy 24 Count – 6 Pieces


  • Kick-start your taste buds with the long-lasting chewy fruit flavor
  • 6 bite-sized pieces of tangy, refreshing watermelon flavored taffy chew
  • Deliver the iconic long-lasting taste
  • Individually wrapped squares allow you to “share the square!”
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NOW & LATER CHEWY WATERMELON is the ideal snack for everyone who likes watermelon. These delectable sweets are bursting with luscious watermelon taste and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can also feel good about indulging because they’re produced with actual fruit juice. These candies are the ideal blend of sweet and refreshing fruit snacks. With 12 different flavors to choose from, there’s bound to be one that you’ll enjoy. Vitamins C and A are found in these. These delectable chewy candies are great for the on-the-go, and with 24 pieces per box and six unique pieces of taffy in each pack, you’ll have plenty to last you all day. In addition, each package includes six individual pieces.

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Weight 24.5 oz
Dimensions 6.3 × 2 in