Now & Later Chewy Original Mix Candy 24 Count – 16 Pieces


  • Original taffy packs an impossible amount of boldness
  • Flavors include strawberry, cherry, grape, apple, and watermelon
  • Now and Later Fruit Chews are an escape from the ordinary
  • Individually wrapped squares allow you to “share the square!”
  • Kick-start your taste buds with the long-lasting chewy fruit flavor


Calling all candy lovers! Do you want something sweet, chewy, original but do not wish the candy to haunt your teeth? Now&Later’s got you covered! A cult favorite, this brilliant candy makes for a perfect pick-me-up treat when bored on a rainy day or waiting in line at the dentist. It’s so good, your dentist won’t know you had candy before the appointment! This classic candy is perfect for eating while watching movies and relaxing with friends and family during any season of the year! Try sprinkling it over ice cream for an extra special treat that everyone will love! This taffylicious treat comes in a 16oz pouch to hide in your pocket. Pull it, chew it, or stash this candy-sential Now or later as a secret at any point of the day! And the best part, it’s no sticky texture won’t expose your sour addiction. Possible taffy-tastic flavors include grape, strawberry, apple, cherry, and banana.

Additional information

Weight 64.5 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × 3 in

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