Pennzoil Jumper Cable Heavy Duty Battery Booster 10 Gauge 12 ft


  • Pennzoil 12ft. 10 gauge booster jumper cables
  • Features color coded clamps for easy & safe setup
  • Tangle free construction
  • Covered clamp grips
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PENNZOIL Booster Cable is with you when you need it the most. It is a heavy-duty 10 gauge 12 feet long cable-easy to reach from your vehicle to another vehicle or power source. The colour coated cable is corrosion resistant, giving extended life services. It is tangle-free, safe and easy to keep in your cars packed in its storage bag. Use it to start-jump your motorbike, car or van battery when depleted. People also use it to boost the boat’s battery. The cable has two strong black and red tight-gripping clamps on both ends. The back cover gives all the information you need to boost the battery. PENNZOIL Booster cable is the quality you can rely on when needed.

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