Pepcid Complete Dual Action Chewable Tablets Berry Flavor 4 Tablets


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Pepcid Chewable Berry Flavoured Tablets are your on the go tablets when you want an instant relief from heartburn.
These can be easily carried around in a purse,backpack, on a plane, or anywhere you need fast heartburn relief that lasts.
So Pepcid Complete Chew Berry brings you 4 chewable tablets that will give you instant relief and make you feel better by just consuming a single tablet.
Each antacid tablet neutralises more than 100 times its own weight in stomach acid, so it goes to work instantly. These relief tablets have a berry flavour so it will comfort you with a fruity taste. These are essential so you must keep them in your bag or in your car so that you can have them anytime without worrying about indigestion and heartburn

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