Redline Xtreme Star Blast 24 Count – 8 oz


  • Redline xtreme star blast is the most powerful and fast-acting drink
  • A unique blend of mental and physical energy factors
  • With Redline Xtreme, you won?t get a sugar-induced energy crash
  • Shake well before use


Take a sip of VPX Redline Xtreme, as it?s sure to hit all the right spots. It?s one of the fastest, most powerful ready-to-drink energy products that you can get your hands on. The drink blends unique flavors to boost mental and physical energy by going a step further than the original flavor. Just one sip, and you?ll have a lot of energy that?s sure to help you power through your day. The best part is that it isn?t just some random sugar-induced energy that will knock you out. You know the kind people get from consuming too much caffeine. That?s not the case with Redline. Here, all the components come together to work with your body and help you stay focused and more productive. Order one today and allow it to give you an additional boost of energy!

Additional information

Weight 238.5 oz
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 6 in