Reeses Fastbreak Peanut Butter Bars 18 Count – 1.8 oz


Buy Reeses Fastbreak Peanut Butter Bars of Candy. ?Bite into the Chewy, Chocolaty, & Peanut Butter-Filled Reese’s Fast Break Candy Bar Made with Rich Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Nougat.


Reeses Fastbreak Peanut Butter Bars 18 Count – 1.8 oz

Share a Reese’s Fastbreak milk chocolate peanut butter and nougat candy bar with some of your close ones. It’s a delectable delicacy that will help you unwind during lunch breaks, athletic events, movies, or whenever you need a scrumptious treat.?Bite into the chewy, chocolaty, and peanut butter-filled Reese’s Fastbreak candy bar. Prepare them in advance for birthday celebrations and office break rooms, or have a supply in your cupboard for baking. To add a dash of peanut butter chocolaty lusciousness to your brownie, cookie, and cupcake recipes, as well as any other food, crush a few nougat candy bars. These gluten-free, kosher candies come individually wrapped and are ideal for vacations.

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Weight 38.7 oz