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Reese’s Pieces King Size 18 Count – 3 oz


  • The smooth and sweet taste of Reese’s king size pieces
  • A deliciously crazy combination of peanut butter and REESE’S PIECES candy
  • Kosher-certified
  • Individually wrapped chocolate peanut butter candies
  • A delicious dessert option at birthday celebrations

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Reese’s Pieces are small blobs of peanut butter surrounded by a crisp candy shell. They come coloured in yellow, brown and orange. Each 3 oz (85g) king size bag will satisfy your peanut butter cravings for a while. Treat yourself to one of these king-size bars after dinner for dessert or as a midday treat during work or school. These kosher candy bars have layers of peanutty goodness to give you the best combination of sweet and salty flavors in every bite. Take a few bars with you on a road trip, keep a collection in your purse during errands or stock your pantry when you’re in the baking mood.



Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 4 cm


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Reese’s Pieces King Size 18 Count – 3 oz

Availability: 30 in stock