Sathers 2/$2 Apple Ring 12 Count – 3.75 oz


  • For your sweet, sour, and apple cravings be sure to grab a bag of Sathers Apple Rings. These gummy rings capture all the delicious parts of an apple- you’ll never have to worry about getting a bad apple again!
  • Perfect for a personal snack or sharing with the whole family
  • Peg hole bag
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You’ll never regret grabbing a bag of Sathers 2/$2 Apple Rings! These 12/3.75oz gummy rings are made from delicious parts and come in peeling-free designs. They’re perfect for snacking on when you want something that tastes like an apple but doesn’t have any pesky seeds or cores – no more wasted fruit after eating these guys, plus they last longer too, so there’s less waste; at home too!.
Output: Picking up some fresh produce is always satisfying; however, if we don’t eat them right away, it can be frustrating because most times, our favorite fruits will go wrong by morning (and then where do those tasty little.

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Weight 48.7 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in