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Sour Patch Kids Big Heads Peg 12 Count – 5 oz


  • Sour Patch Kids Heads candy are a soft and chewy candy for children and adults
  • Fun flavor combos like Pink Lemonade-Blue Raspberry, Pineapple-Red Berry, and Peach-Orange.
  • Mischief-filled Sour Patch Kids start out sour then turn sweet.
  • Available in 5-oz. peg bags.

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The sour and sweet taste of BIG SOUR PATCH KIDS Heads Candy is a delicious twist on the traditional childhood favorite. The fun flavor combos make these chewy sweets tempting, but be careful. They’re meant to be enjoyed by everyone; first, they are sour, then they turn into something more sugary before ending up in your mouth with an exciting burst of different flavors all at once (or not). Stock your home or office for inevitable candy cravings.
You’ll never be without a delicious treat on hand when you stock up with 120 calories per serving, enough energy fuel to get through the day in style, or fill gift baskets that are almost certain to bring a grin to everyone’s face.


Sour Patch

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 3 cm


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Sour Patch Kids Big Heads Peg 12 Count – 5 oz

Availability: 5 in stock