Sour Punch Bite Peg Fan Favorite 12 Count – 5 oz


  • Pair the best sour candy flavors with your other favorite treats for a truly unique snacking experience
  • This soft & chewy candy is the perfect addition to your pantry or countertop candy jar
  • SOUR PUNCH candy is a low fat, low sodium, Halal & Kosher certified food
  • Featuring 4 fruity candy flavor favs: Grape, Fruit Punch, Tangerine and Lemon
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Sour punch is a favorite among peg fans. This 12/5oz sour punch bite has been specially formulated to be the most delicious and refreshing way possible, without any of that astringent flavor you can sometimes get from other brands. It’s perfect for anyone who wants nothing more than pure delight in their juice – no matter what period it may concern. It contains the perfect balance between sweet and sour: lemons are so much better than just one flavor all together–they give things some personality too. You’re a true fan of SOUR PUNCH BITE if you enjoy these sweet and sour candies. It’s the perfect shape and size for one person to share and has an intense, tangy flavor that never disappoints.

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Weight 66.5 oz
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 4.5 in