Stacy’s Baked Pita Chips Simply Naked 6 Count – 3 oz


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Plain salty chips on twice-baked pita bread is an amazing snack. One bite and you?ll hear a delicious crunch that?s sure to make your mouth water. The best part is that there are no artificial flavors or colors in the chips. The ingredients are also all non-GMO. You can eat a generous portion of these chips for when you?re in the mood for a light snack or simply on the go. You can also pair them with a nice big bowl of a sundae or a giant cup of coffee if you want a nice meal. If you?re busy and don?t have time for proper lunch, you can easily have it on the go. If you?re feeling a bit adventurous, try these chips with some fresh fruit and you?ll be surprised at the taste?order them today.

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