Starburst All Pink King Size 24 Count -2.07 oz


  • Contains one (1) 2.07-ounce pack of STARBURST All Pinks Fruit Chews Candy
  • Infused with delicious strawberry flavor
  • Take these individually wrapped candies on the go
  • Each pack has enough STARBURST Candy pieces to share with all your friends and family
  • Individually wrapped chewy candy pieces


If you’re looking for a sweet treat that is both juicy and flavorful, look no further than Starburst. When first time you try Starburst, it’s like a candy cane in your mouth. The bright and juicy flavor is hard to resist; that burst of fresh strawberry will take over every taste bud. It only gets better when combined with other delights. This 2.07-ounce bag of Starburst is a satisfying treat that you can enjoy on its own or mix in any recipe to give it an extra burst. These gluten-free candies are perfect for snacking anytime. They will be sure not to disappoint when shared with friends at parties or around the house after dinner.

Additional information

Weight 54.5 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 6.3 × 2.8 in