Starburst FaveREDs Chewy Candy 24 Count – 2.07 oz


  • Package includes twenty-four (24), 2.07 ounce packs of STARBURST FaveREDs
  • Experience the unexpectedly juicy burst of bold fruit flavor
  • Your favorite juicy red flavors: strawberry, fruit punch, watermelon, and cherry
  • Starburst can be enjoyed alone or as a burst of juicy flavor added to your favorite recipes.
  • Add an unexplainably juicy treat to your party
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Have you experienced the unexpectedly juicy burst of bold fruit flavor inside every Starburst candy? Treat yourself to the extraordinary juiciness that defines these beloved chewy candies by Starbursts. STARBURSTS FAVEREDs are individually wrapped, fruit-chew squares which come with your favorite red colors which are Watermelon, Cherry, Fruit Punch and Strawberry, Like a mixtape of your favorite songs. Best of all it comes with Two flavors in one: strawberry watermelon and blue raspberry lemonade Individually wrapped which are easy to share. Share the love of STARBURST Duos Fruit Chews with friends, family, coworkers – anyone who loves the chewy goodness of STARBURST Duos Candy.

Additional information

Weight 55 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 6.5 × 2.8 in