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Super Rebanadita, Watermelon Lollipop, Count 20 (0.88 oz )


  • This is the rights snack for you when you are craving something sweet in the middle of the night and is available in a watermelon flavor!
  • This watermelon lollipop is also available in more varieties to choose from and is super sweet.
  • It is available in a pack of 20 and you can enjoy this sugar can be because it melts in your mouth!

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Best Mexican suckers covered with chili powder to mingle with the sweetness of the watermelon. The sweet-spicy taste of this candy con chile is sure to delight people of all ages, whether you’re at a party or just for fun. Each of these candies pack a punch with watermelon coated in a sour, salty, chili powder. Each pop comes with plenty of extra dipping powder. The powder is super yummy. Purchase the super Rebanadita watermelon lollipop from The Club Price.

Weight 21 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 cm


Super Rebanadita


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Super Rebanadita, Watermelon Lollipop, Count 20 (0.88 oz )

Availability: 5 in stock