Do you want something soft and chewy with a licorice texture? Think no longer! The creators of the delectable chewy rope treat bring you incredible confectioner flavors of candy and tart in a fusion of bendable gummy fun, all with a sweet Cherry Punch core filling! SweeTARTS Ropes burst in a tantalizing rope of flavor and texture for all candy connoisseurs out there, with a variety of organic flavors! SweeTarts Cherry Punch Rope is a refreshing summer treat with a tangy kick. This delicious, easy-to-eat treat has an intense cherry punch flavor that comes from natural fruit concentrates; it’s so good that you won’t believe it’s healthy!” SweeTARTS Ropes are available to purchase on their website, Amazon, and Walmart. The 1.8oz candy comes in a box of 24 individually wrapped tarty goodness that can be used to create doorway gifts, birthday treats, and a party snack, or to keep in the pantry for a movie’s night!

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Weight 44.5 oz
Dimensions 9.8 × 7.8 × 2.5 in

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