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Sweetarts Mini Chewy 12 Count – 6 oz


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SweeTARTS is changing how people experience flavor with their innovative and playful candy creations. Mini Chewy SweeTARTS are chewy, coated sweets that deliver a tangy burst of sweet in a unique new way- just like classic SweeTARTS but smaller. This heaping handful of spicy and sour candies are perfect for any time fun. With flavors like lemon, green apples taste sweet but have enough tartness to make them unique in the flavor profile. These candies come in a sealable bag, so they stay fresh until you’re ready to eat them and will leave your taste buds feeling satisfied without sacrificing any fun value. They’re perfect for any time snacking when boredom gets too heavy around you during downtime at home.

Weight 79.5 oz
Dimensions 11 × 5.5 cm


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