Toblerone Milk Chocolate 24 Count – 1.2 oz


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Be a confident and pro baker with TOBLERONE Milk chocolate bars; they are always there to give you yummy desserts with enticing appearances. A pack offers 24 triangular chocolate bars of 1.2 ounces with unique honey and almond nougat. When it comes to any dessert decoration, chocolate is an essential and most delicious ingredient. The iconic triangular chocolate bars are perfect for making chocolate Christmas tree cake. Grate into fine pieces and drizzle them over holiday dessert, giving it a bakery-style finishing. Shave the chocolate bars to make long ribbon style curls and use them for garnishing your extra-special cakes and cupcakes. People use them to give pastries a finishing touch and a stunning look. So isn’t it a good option to always keep a pack in your refrigerator? Go for your favourite TOBLERONE Milk Chocolate today.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in