Trojan Ecstasy Ultrasmooth Lubricant Condoms 6 Count – Pack of 3


  • Deep ribbing at the base and end increases stimulations
  • Premium quality latex that helps reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy
  • Helps reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Electronically tested to help ensure reliability
  • Unique design that lets you feel the pleasure, not the condom


Are you in search of the best protection solution so you can protect yourself from STDs and any other disease? In that case, these condoms by the product of Trojan available in ultrasmooth finish will be the perfect choice for you because they are the safest option available out there for birth control and to protect yourself from diseases. It is available in a variety of flavors and you can get your hands on this deal right now from the club price and enjoy with your partner. It is so lightweight that you will not feel as if you are wearing anything and it is a ribbed condom. It already has a lubricant on it so you do not have to apply it by yourself!

Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 6.3 × 3.5 × 3 in