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Twang Twangerz Lemon-Lime Salt – Packets 200Ct


  • Tangy & tart blend of lemons & limes is our cornerstone flavor
  • It makes a versatile topping for snacks, fruit, veggies, chips & much more
  • 1 gram per packet.
  • The perfect grab-and-go size to bring with you wherever!
  • For Premium Cocktails

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A little spice makes everything nice. And with so many spices lining up your pantry, it is normal to get overwhelmed with the flavor of the dash to add. Be it a packet of chips, BBQ, meat, vegetables, Twang Twangerz presents a line of assorted seasonings to help your flavor-struck mind. Twang Twangerz Lemon Lime Salt calls out to all the tangy daredevils. Never worry about a bland snack. Just pull out a packet from your pantry and sprinkle it over your favorite snack generously to enjoy a refreshing burst of instant flavor. You can also amaze any unexpected guests by whipping an effortless treat. Just add a packet or two of the seasoning to your food and serve!


Twang Twangerz

Weight 11.5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 cm


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Twang Twangerz Lemon-Lime Salt – Packets 200Ct

Availability: 30 in stock