Twizzlers Strawberry Twist Chewy Candy 105 Count


Buy Twizzlers Strawberry Twist Chewy Candy 105 Count Online at The Club Price. Rejuvenate Your Taste Buds with the Fruity Flavors of Twizzlers Strawberry Chewy Candy.

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Twizzlers Strawberry Twist Chewy Candy 105 Count

Rejuvenate your taste buds with the irresistibly delicious chewy Twizzlers strawberry twist. Candy. When you want a snack rich in?strawberry flavor, reach for twizzlers strawberry twists! Make them the stars of the evening’s entertainment, and make sure they’re up to par with every plot surprise. The perfect way to enjoy is to bite off both ends of the twists candy to create a straw and relish your Twizzlers. Slurp up the whipped topping on your ice cream sundae or dip your straw into a chilly drink of milk, hot chocolate, or milkshake (but not all at once). You’re set to go if you prefer to munch a couple of these chewy sweets straight from the bag. These strawberry-flavored snacks are low in fat and are kosher certified. Store Twizzlers twists candy in your pantry, keep some on your desk, take the container on a road trip, or bring a pack to your next party gathering because these are the “Twist You Can’t Resist”

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Weight 43.8 oz